email marketing pie chart showing percentage of emails opened on mobile device

Email marketing tips

Some ideas on how you might improve your email marketing response rates

Getting in the inbox. You need to make sure you are “authenticated,” your emails are getting through and your spam complaints are being addressed.

Engaging content.  At the end of the day, your consumer will pay attention to your campaigns if they are interesting. Does it have the information they need? Is it visually appealing? Are you balancing information and promotions?

Intriguing subject line.  In order to get your email opened in the first place, put some thought into the subject line. Better still test a few different subject lines to see which one produces the best open rates and go with that one.

Optimize for mobile. More emails are opened on mobile phones than on desktop computers (the latest stats are around 51% and growing). And there is nothing worse that trying to read a tiny email on your phone, be warned mobile users are more likely to delete your email than desktop users. So use responsive design so you render cleanly.

Segmentation.  Apply product interests, device interaction and even house-holding information, the more detailed your segmentation the more likely your message will be relevant and engaging.

Track your reports. In addition to looking at each campaign’s performance, you should also be tracking consumer interaction with your messages over a period of time.

Integrate social media. Use popular social content (user-generated) within your email campaigns and post your email campaigns on your social media sites.

Grow your list, grow your engagement. It’s a good to track three metrics: net growth of your email list, net growth of email IDs for your direct mail file, and a steady increase in opens and clicks (as this implies some form of interest in your campaigns.)

Look at your preference strategy. Use your preference page to ask the consumer about her other channel preferences, including informing her about your social media outlets.

Synchronize and correct your data. Make sure that your data is updated and easily accessible to all channels.