imac and graphic designers workstation

How graphic design services are charged


Students and anyone with a computer can call themselves graphic designers as there are no regulations, however you get what you pay for. If you are on a limited budget, and know a good design student this might be a good option for you. Expect to pay around $40-$60/hr.


Small design studios, or freelance graphic designers will be more affordable than design agencies as they don’t have the high overheads. An added benefit is you will be dealing directly with your designer, who most likely has a wealth of experience and qualifications. Expect to pay around $75-$130/hr.

Full Service Agencies

Advertising agencies, and boutique creative studios charge a premium because they have high overheads, and you will be assigned an Account Manager who will liaise between you and the design studio. Also your design work will be handled by multiple designers, from juniors to senior designers. Agencies often pitch for new work, as this work is unpaid it adds to their overheads. Expect to pay around a lot!


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