Border Boxing

Border Boxing Club

Boxing has a rich history, and Australia has a strong amateur boxing scene with many great fighters on the world stage. Boxing has always been the arena where all men or women are equal, the canvas is honest, and will show you who you truly are. Blood, sweat, tears for a chance at greatness.

I wanted to create a brand that would be timeless like the sport itself, and pay homage to it’s rich history. I took inspiration from boxing equipment, gyms and world championship branding and logo strategies to create a brand that would be unique and reflect the rich history of the sport itself.

The logo that was finally chosen utilised traditional boxing colours of red, blue and white while giving it a strong, modern twist unique to the club. Whitespace was used to create a break in the logo signifying the clubs location along the border of NSW and QLD.

The Great 8 Week Challenge Goldcoast

There are many 8 or 12 week challenges on offer, but I what I felt really set The Great 8 Week Challenge apart was the ‘real’ boxing training by a real boxing trainer.

Boxing has long been a proven way to lose weight and get fit and toned. I wanted to encourage women and men to take up the challenge, and I felt that focusing on the boxing element, with that sense that it’s going to be tough, but you’ve got to push yourself beyond your normal comfort levels to really achieve greatness would be an inspirational brand story that would appeal to women and men who may have tried different gyms and diets but now are up for a real challenge!