JourneyTree App is a start up that promises to deliver a disruptive new product to the Early Learning Center market in Australia and abroad.

The initial launch is a full featured app for use on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Various user groups such as educators, center directors, primary parents, and secondary contacts for each child will be able to securely login and access and build content for each child’s journey.

Images and stories can be easily, and securely shared with parents and family members enabling parents to feel connected with their child though out the day.

It also makes each staff members day much easier, as educators can quickly create and send daily reports directly to parents, create beautiful learning stories to share and archive for auditing purposes later.

Design of the user stories and flows for so many user groups involved many deep User-Experience brainstorming and mapping sessions, resulting in a clean design which belies the true complexity of the application. With usability at the forefront of our design process we wanted to create something that was delightful to use for both parents and educators. It was a challenge and is an ongoing project we hope to see come to fruition this year.

JourneyTree. Every step counts.